The Natural Facial Revitalisation You've Always Desired

Say goodbye to uneven skin tone, blemishes, and fine lines. GlowViva Skin Rejuvenator works wonders, targeting these issues to reveal smoother, more radiant skin.

Get Actual Results That Last

Each treatment is backed by significant studies conducted by NASA, Harvard Health and more! So when you use GlowViva Skin Rejuvenator - you're using serious beauty technology - that has been developed over tens of thousands of hours of research.

✨ Finally get rid of puffiness for good ✨

We've all had a puffy inflamed face before without knowing why, and couldn't find a cure. It's often not diet, exercise or losing weight that will fix it. Draining your lymph nodes of excess fluid and reducing inflammation is the most overlooked cause, finally combat it with Light Therapy Technology.





Questions? We've Got You Covered

What is the Face Sculptor Device, and how does it work?

GlowViva Skin Rejuvenator Device is a cutting-edge beauty tool designed to address various skincare concerns. It uses advanced technology to provide targeted treatments for inflammation reduction, facial and neck tightening, and wrinkle reduction. By utilizing Light Therapy, Heat and Massage stimulation, it promotes collagen production and skin rejuvenation.

How quickly can I expect results?

Visible results can be claimed just 5 minutes after using GlowViva Skin Rejuvenator. Depending on an individuals circumstance this may take longer, so ensure to consistently use it everyday before giving up. If you don't see results after two weeks then it is not lymph drainage and water inflammation that is causing your puffiness.

Is it suitable for all skin types?

Absolutely! GlowViva Skin Rejuvenator is safe for all skin types. It has been designed to accommodate all skin tones and textures. However, we recommend to start with the lowest intensity setting and gradually increase as needed to ensure suitability, especially for individuals with sensitive skin.

Can I use GlowViva Skin Rejuvenator alongside my existing skincare routine?

Absolutely! It can be seamlessly integrated into your existing skincare regiment. It's recommended to use after cleansing and moisturising. It enhances the absorption of face products especially moisturising creams.

How often should I use GlowViva Skin Rejuvenator Device for optimal results?

For the best results, we recommend using GlowViva Skin Rejuvenator once a day. Each session should last around 10-15 minutes. Consistency is key in achieving the desired outcomes, and you can adjust the frequency according to your individual needs.

What is your shipping?

We offer free shipping to the UK. Order processing takes 1-3 business days before shipment. Once your item/s is dispatched, the estimated delivery time is from 5 - 7 days.